Give Your Home a Chandelier Overhaul

You’re moving into your new home or just trying to give an overhaul to the place you’ve been living in for years. Where to start when trying to get the basics taken care of for creating a beautiful home? Well, let there be light. Finding the right lighting is as important as choosing the right furniture, because the light you use will influence the whole room around it. There’s the matter of what type of fixture you want to use – modern, classic, trendy, old-fashioned? And what level of light you want in each room is an important consideration – soft light, bright light, light controlled by dimmers? The style of your fixture is a reflection of you, and will speak to the whole room, so think carefully to find your right fit.

It can be difficult to find the right chandelier light for a room – some homeowners will underestimate the importance of lighting and maintain that you can pick any type of light. But you want lighting fixtures that complement your décor, match the room, and make a statement all on their own. Here are some options to consider.

Pendant lighting is a fabulous new trend that turns your lighting fixture into a piece of jewelry draping the room with elegance. Pendant lighting is hung from the ceiling and hangs down, often dangling over the dining room table to cast a glow on your party or meal. These lights are also popular in entertainment and living rooms, adding a dash of cool to each. Pendant lights are made from metals, glass, crystal and fabric. Depending on how much light you need, pendant lights of single and multiple bulbs are available, so you can decide whether you want a soft glow or stronger light, or change the light strength between rooms in order to create a varied custom atmosphere for each. If you want your home to be a statement of knowing what’s hip and being on the forefront of home and design trends, pendant lighting could be the choice for you.

Wrought iron chandeliers offer sophistication and style, giving you the pleasant sensation of living in an old-world mansion or romantic castle, or taking a more modern approach for a smart, cutting edge look. Wrought iron is known for its Victorian and contemporary lighting styles so channel your inner decorator to find the one that suits your taste and the mood of the room. Progressive designs are putting a new spin on this classic fixture, great when suspended over dining room tables, in entryways or in large gathering rooms. A wrought iron chandelier can free up space occupied by other lamps, so you’ll have more room for lining up vases or pictures framed in styles that complement the beautiful wrought iron of your light fixture. Make sure the wrought iron is an appropriate fit for your other furnishings, so as to avoid any clashing.

If you dream of elaborate style as a visual accompaniment to the sounds of ice clinking in glasses and the rustle of silk dresses at your big gathering, a crystal chandelier can be your ticket. These light fixtures work well in any room, and while they can be expensive, it’s an investment that drips with sophistication and class reflected in every twinkle of light. Turn your dining room, living room or entryway into a completely different space with a crystal chandelier, and become the hostess you’ve always dreamed of being. A crystal chandelier is an unforgettable piece of any room that ups the ante for drama and sets the stage for great things to happen at your stylish gatherings.

There are some technical rules to keep in mind concerning chandeliers before you go ahead with purchase and installation. Chandeliers should be hung 32 to 40 inches above tables, so as to avoid any unfortunate and decidedly un-classy head bumping incidents. Likewise if they are too close to the ceiling, they can be missed and lose their dramatic effect, so going in the middle is your best bet. Installing dimmers offers control over the lighting, a solid idea that will let you pump up the volume for big dinner parties and turn it down for romantic twosomes.


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