About Us

In 1984, we started working for a publishing company and quickly found out that advertising was fun and let us use our social and creative skills.  After working for numerous shoppers and papers, in April of 2001 we decided to start a full color magazine called Clear Lake Has It All Summer Magazine. After finishing the magazine, we were inspired to create a new shopper.  In February 2002 we saw that it was time to come up with a new way to promote businesses affordably with their advertising dollars lasting longer.  After being in the business for 17 years, we knew that small businesses couldn’t afford to waste advertising on a daily basis or even weekly, so we came up with a monthly publication.  (We always say out a day out a week out a lot of money.)  Not everyone gets the paper and even more, not everyone reads it. So if the ads are not being read and they are out only a day,  the advertising dollar’s are a waste.  The next step for us was to come up with a name people could remember that would be catchy. Six months later Fine Discount Shopping Guide was born.  The first edition of Fine Discount came out September of 2002 and has been going strong every since.