Tips on Finding Best Online Shopping Discounts

With the emergence of online shopping, you no longer have to go to the mall and queue as you wait for the supermarket cashier to serve you. Shopping has become quite easy, since all you need to do is visit an e-commerce site, follow a few steps, order your item, and it shall be delivered at your doorstep before you know it.

By shopping online, you can save a significant amount of money as opposed to shopping in brick and mortar shops. However, you will get better deals if you have coupons when shopping online.

By its own right, online shopping is cheap. However, you can get extended discounts and save a significant amount of money from your shopping.

However, getting discounts online is not a stroll in the park. Sometimes, discounted prices will run out of stock fast, even before you realize the discount existed in the first place. Below are some of the most effective ways you can use to get discounts online:

  1. Identify great shopping sites

There are thousands of shopping websites on the internet, but they were not created equal. In fact, there are those whose products are pricier than those in retail shops, and others have been known to scam unsuspecting clients. Also, not all shopping sites are good at giving discounts. Therefore, you need to identify the best shopping websites for you to get discounts. You can do this by reading reviews, and finding out those sites that get the most positive reviews and high ratings in multiple review platforms.

  • Leave items on the cart

Crazy, huh?

Yes, this is a technique that has been tested and proven by various ecommerce websites. When you have identified the items you are interested in, leave them on your cart for a few days (preferably a day or two).  Most retailers don’t like unsettled deals; hence they will do everything they can, including giving you coupons to ensure you proceed to the payment page. If you don’t believe this strategy works, why don’t you try it out?

  • Shop at the right time

Shopping online is an art, and only those who can identify the best days to do shopping get the best deals. There are specific days that most ecommerce sites give discounts to their clients. It is on these days or seasons that you should do your shopping, especially for major items such as electronics.

Most people love shopping on weekends because that’s they time they get their free time. Online retailers know of this fact, and they rarely give coupons on these days. Therefore, if you want to get a discount, try shopping from Wednesdays to Fridays. Also, buy your items during public holidays, or when a site is commemorating its anniversary.

  • Use multiple coupons wisely

The way you use your coupons will determine the amount of money you save on your shopping. Therefore, using coupons strategically is one of the best ways to get discounts online. For instance, if you have two coupons, one for 20% and the other for $15, you should first apply, the 20% promo code before the $15 one for maximum savings.

There are other expert tips that might help you get the best discounts online. They include;

  • Log out to all your social media accounts and clear cookies in your browser to outwit the dynamic pricing trap used by merchants
  • If an ecommerce site requires you to sign in before making a purchase, choose a less developed country as your home, and you might land yourself a huge discount!
  • Choose localized shopping websites since they might offer you with better deals that renowned ones

With the above tips at your disposal, you will undoubtedly get the best deals and save significant amount of cash for shopping online.

Shopping For Bathroom Vanities

Having the perfect home is special for most people.  After years of hard work and savings, you need to build a home that reflects your style and personality. Remember, your home is the place where you will spend most of your life; hence it should be peaceful, comfortable, and beautiful. This is the reason why you spend ample time to choose the best furniture and other decorative materials, which will meet your needs and make your home a landmark that will make heads turn. But do you really pay attention to bathroom vanities?

Well, bathroom vanities are some of the things that most homeowners overlook when doing a home remodel. This is because there are a wide range of options available, which makes the selection process easy. Even though having many options might come as a blessing, it also makes it easy for you to get confused and choose the wrong bathroom vanities.

Therefore, you need some serious thought before choosing the right vanities for your bathroom. Instead of just walking into the market and selecting the first items you come across, there are some important aspects that you need to pay attention to. They include;

The size of your bathroom

The first thing you need to think about before choosing bathroom vanities is the size of this important element of your home. This is because when you know the size, then the various options offered by the modern market will be narrowed down for you. If you have a small bathroom, you will not have many options to choose from, although this doesn’t mean that you should choose the first vanity you come across.

If you have spacious bathroom, the options will not be narrowed down for you, but knowing the exact size will help you choose the best style and design that will best suit your needs. Therefore, before you head out to the market, measure all the dimensions of your bathroom. If you don’t trust your measuring skills, consider hiring a professional to help you out.


Bathroom vanities are classified into three major types;

  • Corner mounted
  • Free-standing
  • Wall-mounted

The vanities you choose from the three categories above will depend on your needs. However, your choice may be informed by the size of your bathroom. If you have a spacious room, it is recommended that you use the wall-mounted vanities because they will give it a contemporary look. Corner-mounted and free-standing vanities are often recommended for people with small bathrooms, since they give a perceived sense of space, and enhance curb appeal. Nonetheless, the choice is up to you. If your bathroom is large and you prefer free-standing vanities, don’t hesitate to choose it. Besides, your decision reflects your personal style, which can never be wrong!


Of course, you don’t want to go for bathroom vanities that will force you to spend all your savings, and drown you into a pool of debts. Therefore, you need to consider the cost of these elements before you head out to the market.

As mentioned earlier, bathroom vanities come in different types, and the options offered in the modern home improvement market are unlimited. Therefore, do through research and find out those that will make your bathroom a haven you can escape to whenever you feel like freshening up at a friendly price tag. However, if you have a huge budget, then feel free to proceed and buy high-end vanities. But always remember the rule of the thumb: always go for the best that you can afford.

Also, it might help if you involve a professional when shopping for bathroom vanities. He will help you identify the best elements for your bathroom size, as well as give you recommendations on those that will give you a perfect blend of quality and affordability.

With thanks to Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters

Make Your Designer Leather Handbags Look Brand New

Designer handbagFor most ladies, looking good is a priority. No matter what part of the world you hail from, you’d like to look your best, so you wear makeup to enhance your natural attributes and wear outfits that suit your style and body type. Speaking of costumes, most girls don’t just stop with beautiful clothes. The outfit is not complete if one is not carrying a handbag which completes the total look. This is why some girls go crazy over bags to the point of being obsessed with collecting them.

For that added touch of luxury and class, custom leather bags are a must. After purchase, proper care is recommended for them to look new for much longer. The leather gets made from animal skin that has undergone through several processes before it’s turned into shoes, bags, wallets and other consumer or fashion products. Its durability makes it a top choice for making designer items most especially handbags.

While the color selection for leather can be limited, these colors tend to be elegant and suitable for bags. It is no wonder then that a lot of women aim to have at least one genuine designer leather bag in their possession. It is not just women who like leather goods ¬ most men prefer to buy wallets, shoes, belts, pouches, and traveling bags made from leather. And for those who have the money to spend, men and women alike go for genuine leather as the quality of this material totally makes up for the cost.

In fact, some people would not mind the cost especially if they buy quality leather handbags for their girlfriend, sister, mother, or special friend for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Whether one buys leather bags for oneself or to give as a gift, the cost of the bag isn’t always seen as an expense but as an investment. In taking care of this investment, you don’t have to do anything complicated.

Just follow some simple guidelines and your luxury leather handbag will last a long time.

  • Keep the bag away from water especially those that have a delicate design because water will add moisture to the bag. Moisture will cause mold to form on the bag.
  • Keep the bag away from direct sunlight as well. Not only will sunlight make the leather brittle but it will also cause the color to fade.
  • Store the leather bag in a cloth bag. Never store it in a plastic container.
  • When cleaning the bag, wiping it clean with a dry cloth will be enough. There is no need to use any cleaning solution as these will likely contain chemicals that will cause leather deterioration.

Give Your Home a Chandelier Overhaul

You’re moving into your new home or just trying to give an overhaul to the place you’ve been living in for years. Where to start when trying to get the basics taken care of for creating a beautiful home? Well, let there be light. Finding the right lighting is as important as choosing the right furniture, because the light you use will influence the whole room around it. There’s the matter of what type of fixture you want to use – modern, classic, trendy, old-fashioned? And what level of light you want in each room is an important consideration – soft light, bright light, light controlled by dimmers? The style of your fixture is a reflection of you, and will speak to the whole room, so think carefully to find your right fit.

It can be difficult to find the right chandelier light for a room – some homeowners will underestimate the importance of lighting and maintain that you can pick any type of light. But you want lighting fixtures that complement your décor, match the room, and make a statement all on their own. Here are some options to consider.

Pendant lighting is a fabulous new trend that turns your lighting fixture into a piece of jewelry draping the room with elegance. Pendant lighting is hung from the ceiling and hangs down, often dangling over the dining room table to cast a glow on your party or meal. These lights are also popular in entertainment and living rooms, adding a dash of cool to each. Pendant lights are made from metals, glass, crystal and fabric. Depending on how much light you need, pendant lights of single and multiple bulbs are available, so you can decide whether you want a soft glow or stronger light, or change the light strength between rooms in order to create a varied custom atmosphere for each. If you want your home to be a statement of knowing what’s hip and being on the forefront of home and design trends, pendant lighting could be the choice for you.

Wrought iron chandeliers offer sophistication and style, giving you the pleasant sensation of living in an old-world mansion or romantic castle, or taking a more modern approach for a smart, cutting edge look. Wrought iron is known for its Victorian and contemporary lighting styles so channel your inner decorator to find the one that suits your taste and the mood of the room. Progressive designs are putting a new spin on this classic fixture, great when suspended over dining room tables, in entryways or in large gathering rooms. A wrought iron chandelier can free up space occupied by other lamps, so you’ll have more room for lining up vases or pictures framed in styles that complement the beautiful wrought iron of your light fixture. Make sure the wrought iron is an appropriate fit for your other furnishings, so as to avoid any clashing.

If you dream of elaborate style as a visual accompaniment to the sounds of ice clinking in glasses and the rustle of silk dresses at your big gathering, a crystal chandelier can be your ticket. These light fixtures work well in any room, and while they can be expensive, it’s an investment that drips with sophistication and class reflected in every twinkle of light. Turn your dining room, living room or entryway into a completely different space with a crystal chandelier, and become the hostess you’ve always dreamed of being. A crystal chandelier is an unforgettable piece of any room that ups the ante for drama and sets the stage for great things to happen at your stylish gatherings.

There are some technical rules to keep in mind concerning chandeliers before you go ahead with purchase and installation. Chandeliers should be hung 32 to 40 inches above tables, so as to avoid any unfortunate and decidedly un-classy head bumping incidents. Likewise if they are too close to the ceiling, they can be missed and lose their dramatic effect, so going in the middle is your best bet. Installing dimmers offers control over the lighting, a solid idea that will let you pump up the volume for big dinner parties and turn it down for romantic twosomes.

A Non-Touristic Approach to Shopping in Greece

  1. Always mention this guide. It helps shops and artists, particularly, to know you have seen samples of their work or product. It sets you apart from the other tourists.
  2. Make contact. A good thing to do before visiting an artist in Greece is to call or email them ahead of time to let them know you are coming to visit. Don’t be afraid to do this. Many artists work their own hours and need some warning of visitors, especially ones who prefer to prepare a special presentation for each customer. Many speak English, but if you find yourself in a language pickle, perhaps a friend or the clerk at your hotel will call for you. Emails are great if you have your itinerary planned out, you would be smart to let the artists know when you expect to be in the area before you leave on your trip. All possible contact information is available for each artist or location on this site. If you cannot reach the artists to let them know you are coming, just going to the studio or shop is generally OK. The artists who onle meet by apointment are specified as so on their web page. On the whole, the artists work long hours and you will at least get a chance to see the work. Although there may be someone other than the artist in the shop, you will still be able to take advantage of the occasion by mentioning this site.

    Calling Greece from outside of Greece (011) (30) + area code (210 for Athens) and number.

    Calling from within Greece area code (even when calling the city you are in) + number.

    If you are planning your itinerary while in Greece through Fantasy Travel, you can ask them to arrange these appointments for you ahead of time.

  3. Don’t rush. Give yourself plenty of time to spend with the artist. Some may be more chatty than others. Sometimes these encounters can lead to long evenings of conversation. Greeks love to offer refreshments and visit with you before getting down to business. Although it’s not always the case, we once visited an artist couple for a demonstration and they sent me to a nearby hotel with two local bottles of wine, fresh bread, and two blocks of cheese. Enjoy these experiences for all they are worth. Making friends and learning from the artist about their work and Greece in general is part of the fun. Greeks are typically much slower at doing business than we are accustomed to in the States. You will find they like to get to know you first and may offer you something to drink and a place to sit before even mentioning their work. Don’t expect a quick in and out visit at every place. In most cases, visiting 3-4 artists in a day can be a very very full day.
  4. Enjoy the journey. If you like the area you are in, ask the artist for referrals to other places, sites, and artists you may like to visit while you are there. They are proud and love to share their villages and friends with you, if you show an interest.
  5. Don’t bargain. These are established artists who have already agreed to offer special prices to visitors who come from this site and deserve the respect of the buyer. Unless you are in an outdoor market environment where you are dealing with an owner or plan on buying many of one thing shopping is generally like the U.S. and prices are as marked. If you really love something by a particular artist you are visiting with in person and it is too expensive, just express this. The fact that you connect with what an artists is doing and truly appreciate their work will open the conversation up to negotiations.
  6. Hitting the sales. In Greece, sales are only allowed twice a year during a specific time period where all shops are allowed to discount their merchandise. Because the shops must wait for these sales, there are fabulous deals on merchandise during these periods. The mark downs are up to 70% off at most stores. They are in held in February and August.
  7. Shop hours. Shops are generally open from 8:00am to 2:30pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8:00am to 2:30pm and from 5:30-8:00pm. Most shops are closed on Sunday. If you are visiting an artist at their studio, these hours don’t necessarily apply. You are best off contacting them ahead of time to let them know when you would like to visit. Avoid trying to make appointments on Greek holidays. It may be more difficult to set up a time during the time surrounding Christmas and Easter. Greeks tend to take a fews off before and after to visit their villages or homes away from the city. August is also a time when Greeks generally go on a holiday that could last up to the entire month. Again, artists who work on their own may be more flexible than shops and happy to meet you at your leisure. As a side note, the banks are generally open from 8:00am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday and until only 12:00pm on Saturday. Bank Hours: Mon-Thu- 8-2:30, Friday 8-2, Closed on Weekends
  8. Use Euros or credit cards. Many Greek shops will charge you extra when using a credit card, because it means they must report the income and there are taxes they cannot avoid. With cash, you will get the best price and avoid additional charges. Don’t try to use dollars or other foreign currency. This can be done in an emergency, but getting the daily exchange rates and making the conversion is a hassle most vendors prefer to avoid.
  9. Be reasonable. Most Greeks will gladly go out of their way to get you exactly what you want, but Greece does not have the resources as readily available as the U.S. to make these special requests so easy to fill. Be considerate of their efforts, respect their situation, and be flexible, if possible.
  10. Don’t get offended. Greeks are great at multi-tasking. They are used to handling many things at once. If you are visiting an artist personally, you may find that interruptions are not always put off just because company is present, but you will be surprised at how smoothly a Greek can pick up exactly where you had left off not missing a beat as if nothing ever happened.
  11. Compliments are welcome. If you are not intending to purchase from an artist or find their work to be of a taste other than your own, that’s OK. You can share some thoughts with the artists. They typically welcome open and inspiring conversation, but do not be an “ugly tourist” and insult their tireless work in any way. Artists are very accepting of an honest opinion and prefer an admiring, happy customer to a lukewarm, regretful one any day.