Shopping For Bathroom Vanities

Having the perfect home is special for most people.  After years of hard work and savings, you need to build a home that reflects your style and personality. Remember, your home is the place where you will spend most of your life; hence it should be peaceful, comfortable, and beautiful. This is the reason why you spend ample time to choose the best furniture and other decorative materials, which will meet your needs and make your home a landmark that will make heads turn. But do you really pay attention to bathroom vanities?

Well, bathroom vanities are some of the things that most homeowners overlook when doing a home remodel. This is because there are a wide range of options available, which makes the selection process easy. Even though having many options might come as a blessing, it also makes it easy for you to get confused and choose the wrong bathroom vanities.

Therefore, you need some serious thought before choosing the right vanities for your bathroom. Instead of just walking into the market and selecting the first items you come across, there are some important aspects that you need to pay attention to. They include;

The size of your bathroom

The first thing you need to think about before choosing bathroom vanities is the size of this important element of your home. This is because when you know the size, then the various options offered by the modern market will be narrowed down for you. If you have a small bathroom, you will not have many options to choose from, although this doesn’t mean that you should choose the first vanity you come across.

If you have spacious bathroom, the options will not be narrowed down for you, but knowing the exact size will help you choose the best style and design that will best suit your needs. Therefore, before you head out to the market, measure all the dimensions of your bathroom. If you don’t trust your measuring skills, consider hiring a professional to help you out.


Bathroom vanities are classified into three major types;

  • Corner mounted
  • Free-standing
  • Wall-mounted

The vanities you choose from the three categories above will depend on your needs. However, your choice may be informed by the size of your bathroom. If you have a spacious room, it is recommended that you use the wall-mounted vanities because they will give it a contemporary look. Corner-mounted and free-standing vanities are often recommended for people with small bathrooms, since they give a perceived sense of space, and enhance curb appeal. Nonetheless, the choice is up to you. If your bathroom is large and you prefer free-standing vanities, don’t hesitate to choose it. Besides, your decision reflects your personal style, which can never be wrong!


Of course, you don’t want to go for bathroom vanities that will force you to spend all your savings, and drown you into a pool of debts. Therefore, you need to consider the cost of these elements before you head out to the market.

As mentioned earlier, bathroom vanities come in different types, and the options offered in the modern home improvement market are unlimited. Therefore, do through research and find out those that will make your bathroom a haven you can escape to whenever you feel like freshening up at a friendly price tag. However, if you have a huge budget, then feel free to proceed and buy high-end vanities. But always remember the rule of the thumb: always go for the best that you can afford.

Also, it might help if you involve a professional when shopping for bathroom vanities. He will help you identify the best elements for your bathroom size, as well as give you recommendations on those that will give you a perfect blend of quality and affordability.

With thanks to Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters